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How to create a course as a learning activity

Users with appropriate rights can create a course. This guide will show you how to create a course as a learning activity in Activate LMS. Further information about the different properties and more advanced options can be found in this article.

  1. First enter the Administration (or Manager) tab of your Activate LMS. Please note that color and style can differ, but headlines, links etc. are located and organised the same way in all systems.  


  2. Click on the Learning Acitivities tab.


  3. Now you'll be greeted by an overview of your systems current learning activities. Check that the activity type is set to Course.

  4. Click on the New button, to create a new learning activity.

  5. Insert the wished properties information: nameauthortitle etc. Please refer to this article (and especially the paragraph: "The learning activity types and their properties") regarding detailed information about the different fields.

  6. Press the Insert button, when you are done filling out the wished learning activity properties.

  7. Great success! You have now created a course. Next you can create child activities on the course with some SCORM packages and/or documents.
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