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How to send a reminder before the enrollment is due if the user hasn't completed the learning activity

An example to a workflow idea, could be to send a reminder to the users that hasn't completed the learning activity, an amount of days before the enrollment is due. This could help the users to complete the learning activity.

The workflow idea is illustrated as a flowchart below. 




The different symbols represent the parts of the flowchart.

Workflow on: Activity A
Event type: Enrollment is due
When: an amount of days before
Filter type:
Action type: Send Message(Reminder) 

Before this workflow can work, you need to make sure that the enrollments has a due date registered.

This can be done in Admin > Learning Activities > Activity A > Enrollments > Enrollments properties > Due date (set the due date)

The email template used here (Reminder) contains a reminder text to finish %%ActivityName%%. You can make another (or customise) a email template.

Read the "How to create a workflow" article if needed and follow the instructions where you can fill in the necessary information.  An example to creating the workflow can be seen below.


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