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Activate LMS is a SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS) which tracks SCORM compliant elearning content. 

  • The LMS can be used to manage users and courses (which users should have taken the courses, create/edit users, upload of SCORM compliant courses etc.)
  • Ensure notification of relevant users to take a given course
  • Allow for reporting of user performance within the framework of the SCORM (e.g. as(/If?) the user has passed or completed an elearning module, what have they answered to questions)

Overall description of functionality

In Activate LMS, users can be enrolled in Learning Activities and the LMS keeps track of the users interactions with the learning activities. The tracking happens using the SCORM standard, which also determines what data is tracked. (Roughly speaking; Completion status, questions answers, and the time spent. See the SCORM documentation for more details.)

Learning Activities can be grouped together and have workflow rules, mail notifications and certificates associated to them.

All users belong to an organisational unit. Organisations are organized in a hierarchy and have various properties, the most important being a manager. The Manager of the organisation can normally see reports and receive notifications via email about overdue course assignments etc.

Users also have one or more Learning Profiles. A learning profile normally describes the users’ job function. It is possible to have more than one Learning Profile.



The above picture shows an overview of how Activate LMS is organised.

Role based access control

In Activate LMS, what the individual user can see depends on what permissions are associated with the role they have.

All users have access to the learning tab, which is where any learning material they are assigned to is displayed. Some users may have access to the Administration Tab, which is where you can create and edit content, users and organisations, View Reports and much more.  What you can do in the administration tab also depends on your permissions.

The Activate LMS User interface

The user interface of Activate LMS consists of two tabs: Learning and Administration.


This is where the users can see and launch the learning activities they are enrolled into. The remaining areas require the user to have special roles, so for most of the users of Activate LMS this is all they will see. The focus is on opening Learning Activities, therefore, there is not so much else to choose from.



This is where the administration and reporting is available.


Provides a high level overview of the main features.

(Note: What you see depends on what you have access to, so your screen may look different.)

Learning Activities

This is where you can upload SCORM packages, create and manage learning content. Further information about learning activities can be found in this article.



If a user has acces to see or edit users, learning profiles or organisations, these will be grouped into the resources menu. (If the user only has access to see or edit one of the areas it will have its own menu)


This is where you can see and create users. Further information about users can be found in this article.


This is where you can see and edit organisations. Further information about organisations can be found in this article.

Learning Profiles

This is where you can see and edit learning profiles. Further information about learning profiles can be found in this article.

Workflow Profiles

This is where you can see and edit workflow profiles. Further information about workflow profiles can be found in this article.


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