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Update log - What's new in Activate LMS

Update 5 2015 (August 18  2015)

Status: Live.

User Administration

Improved. Role Based Access Control (RBAC). Create and edit roles for more granular RBAC, and assign users to organisations with these roles.

Improved. User editor. Making it easier to assign staff managers to organisations.

User Interface

Improved. Simplify menus by making them adaptive depending on the users' roles.

Improved. Simplify administration by unifying the Manager and Admin tabs. The RBAC will ensure that managers can only see and edit the data their are entitled to

Learning Activities

Introduced the concept of content owners. This allow users to "own" a particular piece of content in Activate LMS, which means that they are the only people allowed to edit it.

Update 4 2015 (June 30 2015)

Status: Live.

Learning Profiles

NEW. Ability to produce a Hierarchy of learning profiles.


NEW. Organisations can now be setup to be associated with learning profiles, restricting use of other learning profiles if desired.

NEW. Organisations can now have default workflow email templates used for system level messages (User created, Forgot Password, New Password, and (E-commerce) Receipt). If none is specified for an organisation, the site template is used as a default.

Learning Activities

NEW. Learning content can now be restricted to specific Organisational units.

NEW. Organization filter on learning activity administration page allows you see learning activities which is related to specific Organizations.


Activities and learning profiles changes when department filter is changed.

User Administration

NEW. Change username Admin/Users. Now it is possible for admins to change the username of a user.

Update 3 2015. (May 29 2015)

Status: Live.


Improved. Ability to create and edit workflow templates from the learning activities workflow tab.

Learning Activities

NEW activity type, external URL document allows for assignable links to external resources

CHANGE. “Instance” was changed to Certification periods and the UI updated accordingly

General Changes

General usability improvements.

Updated the old text editor used throughout with new and better version.

Bug fixes.

Update 2 2015. (March 9 2015)

Status: Live.

API - Webservice

NEW: functions LaunchLinks, LoginLinks.

Learning Activities

NEW. Download SCO as zip

General Changes

Lots of bugfixes.

(Plus a lot of work on our secret project:-))

Update 1 2015 (5. Februar 2015)

Status: Live.

Learner Home

Improved Content Launch - check if window exists and bring to front instead of opening new window

SCORM Player

Improved SCORM handling of offline mode for mobile devices (mainly iphone)

Various performance optimizations

Email content launcher

NEW. Prevent Doubleclick on launch link in email from opening content twice

Enrollment admin

NEW. Ability to Manually Mark enrollment complete for a user

General Changes

Various bugfixes.

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