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How can I send an email with a certificate automatically after a user passes an learning activity

Introduction to workflows and workflow ideas

Workflows in Activate LMS are structured in three parts: Event, When and Action.

  • Event specifies the incident triggers the workflow rule.
  • When is the point in time the rule should be executed. This can be either immediately when the event occurs, before or after.
  • Action is the action the system should take when then workflow rule is executed.

In these articles about workflow ideas, we will use flowcharts to illustrate a workflow. These flowcharts will look pretty similar to the image below, and the different symbols will be representing the three parts of the workflow. Sometimes there will be multiple flowcharts to illustrate the more complex workflows. "Activity Name" applies to the learning activity in which the workflow should be set.


How can I send an email with a certificate immediately after a user passes learning activity A

Prior to setting up the workflow, we need to enable (and maybe customise) the certificate. This can be done by enabling certificate in general in Admin > Configuration > Enable Certificate. You can customise the layout of the certificate to your needs in Admin > Configuration > Certificates by the use of tokens and HTML.


The email template used here (Enrollment Completed) will by default contain a link to the learners certificate. You can of course make another (or customise) a email template containing a link to the learners certificate (using the token %%CertificateLink%%) and then use that email template in the action (Send message).

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