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How to set up connected learning activities

Users with appropriate rights can set up a group of connected learning activities. This guide will show you how to create a group of connected learning modules. Further information about the different properties and more advanced options of learning activities can be found in this article.

  1. First enter the Administration (or Manager) tab of your Activate LMS. Please note that color and style can differ, but headlines, links etc. are located and organised the same way in all systems.


  2. Click on the Learning Activities tab.


  3. You'll be greeted by an overview of your system current learning acitivites. Before creating a new learning activity we need to make sure that the activity type dropdown menu is set to Course. A course is a group of elearning modules and/or documents.


  4. Click on the New button to create a new course.


  5. Specify the information of your course. The fields are explained briefly in the following paragraphs.
    • Name: The name of the activity. This will be used in reports and when enrolling users into the activity.
    • Author: You can use this to specify who the author of the activity is. The author doesn't need to be a registered user.
    • Title: The title of the course presented to the user in the learning page.


  6. Click Insert when you're done.


  7. Now you can upload the learning activities (SCORM packages, pdfs etc.) that you wish to link together. The following process should be done for each child activity. You can link to existing learning activities by clicking the Link to child activity button. To upload a new elearning module or document, click on the New child activity.


  8. Select the activity type you wish to upload in the Type menu. Please make sure that Upload file is enabled. Click Choose File and select your file.


  9. Click on the Upload button. Please note that it may take a while to upload your package. When the upload is complete, a new page will be opened which has the option of specifying the information of your new learning activity (name etc.).

  10. If you wish, you can now change or specify the information about your learning activity. Please refer to this article (and especially the paragraph: "The learning activity types and their properties") regarding detailed information about the different fields.


  11. Press Insert when you're done tinkering and customizing your SCORM package or document.


  12. If you wish to upload more learning activities, you need to repeat step 7 to 11.
  13. After uploading all your learning activities we need to connect them. This is done by setting up a workflow for each learning activity. You can click on the learning activity that should be completed before enrolling to another learning activity. In my example "101: Basics of elearning" should be completed before the user is enrolled to "102: Advanced elearning".


  14. Click on the Workflow tab.


  15. Select a Workflow profile from the menu. If you wish to know more about workflow profiles, please visit this article (and especially the paragraph "Workflow profiles").


  16. Click on the New button, to create a new workflow rule.

  17. Now it's time to set up the workflow rule. Select the event that should trigger the event. In this guide we'll use Enrollment passed, which means that a user will be enrolled to another learning activity when the selected learning activity is passed. When the workflow rule should be triggered can be set. If nothing is specified, the workflow rule will be triggered immediately after the activity is passed. Who this workflow rule applies to can be set in the Who dropdown menu. Here you can select the learning profile you wish this rule should apply to.


  18. Select Enroll in activity in the Action dropdown menu.

  19. Select which learning activity you wish to link to in the dropdown menu marked with please select. In this example, we've selected the "102: Advanced elearning". The activity you wish to link to, doesn't necessarily need to be in the current learning activity's course.

  20. Click on the Insert button when you're done setting up your workflow rule.


  21. Great success! You have now connected a couple (or maybe a lot?) of learning activities in a course.
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