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How to enroll a single user to a learning activity

Users with appropriate rights can enroll a user to a learning activity. This guide will show you how to enroll a single user to a learning activity. Further information about learning activities can be found in this article

  1. First enter the administration (or manager) tab of your Activate LMS. Please note that color and style can differ, but headlines, links etc. are located and organised the same way in all systems.


  2. Press the Resources button on the main toolbar.


  3. Click on the Users link.


  4. If needed, you can now search for the specific user you want to resend or generate a new password to. If no criteria is specified, you will be presented with a list of all the active users registered in your LMS. If you want to learn more about the options for searching, please refer to this article (and navigate to "The user section"). Press the "Search" button to get a list of users in line with your specified search criteria.

  5. Whether you specified search criteria or not, you should be presented with a list of users. If none appears try to repecify or broaden your criteria. After identifying the relevant user press the user's related "Edit" button.


  6. Now click on the Learning Activites tab that is next to the selected General tab.


  7. Click on New.

  8. Select the acitivity you wish to enroll the user to from the Select activity dropdown menu. You can set up custom properties for the enrollment:
    • Active: Whether the enrollment should be active or not when it is created. If an enrollment is not active, the learner will be able to see, but not launch, the learning activity.
    • Start date: Sets the start date of the enrollment.
    • Due date: Sets the due date of the enrollment.
    • Expiration date: Sets the expiration date of the enrollment.
    • Lock on completion: Locks the learning activity when it's completed, meaning the user can open the learning activity but it doesn't register any answers.
    • Certificate valid: Sets how long the certificate should be valid.
    • Autorenew certificate: Normally you can only enroll a user into an activity one time per user, but if you put check mark here, you can enroll the user into the activity multiple times. The user also has the ability to do so themselves from the certificate they get for the learning activity. When completing

  9. Press Add to enroll the user to the selected learning activity.


  10. Great success! You have now enrolled a user to an learning activity.
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