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How can I send a reminder to users that haven't completed their course?

Users with appropriate rights can send a reminder to a group of users who haven't completed a certain course. This guide will show you how to do this. And now... to the guide!

  1. First enter the Administration (or Manager) tab of your Activate LMS. Please note that color and style can differ, but headlines, links etc. are located and organised the same way in all systems.


  2. Click the Tools tab.


  3. Click the Enrollment editor link.


  4. It is now possible to specify which users you wish to send a notification to. This can be done by specifiying which organisations and learning profiles you wish to contact regarding their missing completion. Secondly you can specify which learning activity your notification is regards. Lastly you can specify a period of time in which the enrollment had the selected status or you can leave the Period fields blank meaning it will include all registered enrollments with the selected status.


  5. Now you can select "Incomplete" from the Status dropdown menu.


  6. Click Get Enrollments to see who your specifications apply to.


  7. You can now unmark certain users, if you do not wish to send an email to them. All users are selected by default.

  8. You can now select Send email from the Action dropdown menu.

  9. Lastly you must select which email template you wish to send to the users. You can select the template you wish to use. You can create a new template by clicking the New button or edit an existing template by clicking the Edit button after you have selected one of the existing templates.

  10. It's good practice to doublecheck the list of receivers before sending out (a lot) of emails.

  11. Press the Go button when you are done setting up the reminder.

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