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Learning Profiles

A Learning Profile is a property, which is associated with a user. Learning Profiles can be whatever you decide but often it is a job description i.e. doctor, nurse, medical assistant, therapist, firefighter, auditor, etc.

Learning profiles are primarily used for two things:

  1. Learning profiles are used when reporting and for enrolling users into learning activities. In reporting, you can filter results to only show users with particular learning profiles or compare the performance of people with different learning profiles.
  2. When enrolling users learning profiles are very useful for enrolling people with a particular learning profile into a particular learning activity. It may be that a nurse should use one version of a course, while a doctor should have a different version of it.

It is possible to create a hierarchy of Learning Profiles. The purpose of this is to group related Learning Profiles, while providing a deeper level of detail. If a user has a Learning Profile that is a child of another Learning Profile, using the "parent" Learning Profile will include the user. For example: "Detective" might be a learning profile subordinate of "Police Officers". When retracting reports of the results of tests done by "Police Officers", "Detectives" will be included in the result set.

Please note that:

  • ... a user can have multiple Learning Profiles at the same time.
  • ... learning profiles can be localized to multiple languages. For example a Learning Profile can be named "Salesman" for the english users and "Verkäufer" for the german users, but results are stored in the same Learning Profile.
  • ... only users with the Site Admin role have access to create and edit Learning Profiles
  • ... it is possible to restrict which Learning Profiles are available to an Organisation under Administration > Organisation > Learning Profiles. The idea is that ALL Learning Profiles are available in an organisation unless Learning Profiles are specifically added. In which case ONLY the added Learning Profiles are available.


Properties of the Learning Profile

User Active Days

If specified, the user's login will be made inactive after the specified number of days, counting from when the user were created. If a user has multiple learning profiles, the Learning Profiles with the longest value for User active days dominates and "wins".


Name on learning profile that is displayed in the appropriate language. Note that in connection with batch creation of users using. csv files, the name of the Learning Profile on the site's default language is dominant. If the learning profile is not defined in the default language, the English value is used as default language.


A description on the learning profile and is used to describe the learning profile. This feature is optional.


Creating, deleting and editing Learning Profiles

Creating: To create a new Learning Profile, click New. To Create a new inherited learning profile click New next to the relevant learning profile.

Editing: Click on Edit to edit the learning profile.

Delete: Click Delete. Please note that you cannot delete learning profiles if they are assigned to users.

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