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What are tokens?

Tokens are small pieces of codes used in emails and certificates to fit the situation and user. A email template can for example contain the following token: %%UserFirstName%%. The token will be replaced with the related users first name.

Here follows a list of the built-in system tokens and what they mean. Note some tokens have value only in the context of related events, for example, a token that is about Learning Activities or enrollments (%%ActivityDescription%%,or %% DueDate%%) only have value in relation to learning activities, as assignment of learning activities, and of course not in connection with messages like forgot password, etc.

Token Description
%%ActivityDescription%% The description on the learning activity.
%%ActivityName%% The name of the learning activity.
%%ApplicationName%% Defined during setup of Activate LMS. Typically, it is the URL (
%%CertificateLink%% Link to an activity certificate in pdf format.
%%CreatePasswordLink%% Link to create a new password. The link is valid for 48 hours.
%%CreatePasswordLinkURL%% Same as %%CreatePasswordLinkURL%%, but with the exception that the actual URL is used as the link. The link is valid for 48 hours.
%%DepartmentLogo%% Inserts the logo of the organisational unit.

Name of the organisational unit.


The due date of the user's enrollment to the activity.


Defined during initial setup of Activate LMS. Typically the company's logo.
%%ExpirationDate%% Expiration date of the user's enrollment of the activity.
%%LaunchActivityLinks%% If setup on a parent module, a list of links is generated as shown below.
%%LogInLink%% Link to log on to the LMS without having to type the username and password.
%%LogInLinkUrl%% Same as %% LogInLink%%, but with the exception that the actual URL is used as the link.
%%ManagerFullName%% Full name of the user's manager.
%%MobileLogInLink%% Used as loginlink to sites where there is defined a separate mobile frontend.
%%Organisation2FromRoot%% Second organisation from the root organisation. For a user placed in Acme//HQ//finance, the value will be HQ
%%ParentActivityName%% Name of the learning activity's parent.
%%Password%% The user's password.

The sender address of the system.


The systems support email.


The systems support phone number.

%%TodayDate%% Today’s date.
%%UserFirstName%% The user's first name, as. John.
%%UserLastName%% The user's last name, as. Doe.
%%UserFullName%% The user's full name, as. John Doe.
%%UserName%% The user's user name.
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