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How to edit an organisation

Users with appropriate rights can edit organisations or suborganisations. Editing an organisation covers a lot of options like:

  • Customise the templates of the emails that'll be send on different occasions
  • Set up automatic enrollment of courses
  • Managing learning profiles

Please note that if no customised settings are chosen, the organisational unit will inherit settings from its parent organisation. If you wish to know more about organisations (and what you can edit) in details, please visit this article about the organisation in general.

And now... what you've all been waiting for! The guide of how to edit an organisation:

  1. First enter the administration (or manager) tab of your Activate LMS. Please note that color and style can differ, but headlines, links etc. are located and organised the same way in all systems.


  2. Press the Resources button on the main toolbar.


  3. Click on Organisation.


  4. You can now navigate or search for to the organisational unit you wish to edit. Navigation is done by expanding + until the right organisation has been spotted. You can search in the textfield next to the Search button. Please note that if more than three parent organisations are present, you must choose a parent organisation in the (please select organisation) dropdown menu.

  5. Now click the organisations associated Edit.


  6. Your next move depends entirely on your intentions of what you wish to edit in the organisation.

    1. If you want to edit the email templates send on different occasions, you can click on Workflow templates. You can select a new template or edit a existing template.


    2. If you want to edit or add a new automatic enrollment, you can click on the automatic enrollments tab.

    3. If you want to edit learning profiles, you can click on the learning profiles tab.

  7. When you're done editing please click Update to save your changes.


  8. Great success! The organisational unit has now been saved with great new information!
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