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Which way of creating users should I choose?

In this article we'll give an overview of the different ways of creating users and help you to select the appropriate process.

Different ways of creating users

Creating a new user by clicking the new button on the users page. To see a tour of how to do this, please click this link. Creating multiple users at once via a .csv file. To see a tour of how to do this, please click this link. Allowing the users to create themselves. Please visit this link to see a detailed guide of how to do this. Creating users via a webservice. If you wish to use this option, please contact us on to get further information regarding our API.

Pros (+) and cons (-)

(+) Great if you need to create just a few of users. I.e. when setting up your system, or helping out a single new user.

(-) Can be quite tedious, when creating several users. 

(+) Great for creating a lot of user at once.

(+) Great if you have information (i.e. name, adress, email) of users stored.

(-) Requires some tinkering with spreadsheets.

(-) If you have no prior information stored digitally this option is considered quite tedious since it requires you to enter all the data manually.

(-) Should be used with caution.

(+) Makes the creation process autonomous.

(+) Using challenge codes can direct users to the right ortgtanisations.

(+) & (-) Puts the responsibility of writing the appropriate information at the user.

(-) If using challenge codes, the system need some setup and distribution of codes to the appropriate users.


(+) Free of charge

(+) Integration with your system.

(-) Requires developers to integrate this option.

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