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How to use the batch tool to handle multiple users at once

Users with appropriate rights to edit users can modify multiple users at once by using the batch tool. The batch tool can apply the following actions to a batch of users:

  • Activate selected users
  • Deactivate selected users
  • Delete selected users
  • Move selected users to an organisation
  • Change selected users learning profile
  • Export selected users to a CVS file
  • Enroll selected users to a learning activity
  • Change enrollment status of selected users

Although the actions seem very different, the procedure is quite similar. The details of this procedure will be presented in the following guide.

  1. First enter the administration (or manager) tab of your Activate LMS. Please note that color and style can differ, but headlines, links etc. are located and organised the same way in all systems.


  2. Press the Resources button on the main toolbar.


  3. Now click the Users link.


  4. Now you need to find the users you wish to modify by searching for them, or just by locating them manually.

  5. Select the users you wish to modify by checking the checkbox belonging to it. Please note that it is not possible to make a new search and find additional users to handle in your batch. If you want to perform an action on all users who meets a criteria, you need to select the checkbox in the upper left corner, just before First name.

  6. Click on Show batch tool.


  7. Now it's time to pick the action you wish to use on the selected users, by picking one of the following options in the select action menu:
    • Activate selected.
    • Deactivate selected.
    • Delete selected.
    • Move to organisation; requires elaboration of which organisation you wish to move the selected users to.
    • Change learning profile; requires elaboration of which action: move to, add to or remove from combined with which learning profile you want the selected action to be executed to the selected users.
    • Export to CSV file.
    • Enroll users; requires elaboration of which learning activities you wish to enroll the users to. In addition you can specify several other optional settings.
    • Change activity status; requires elaboration of which status to change which learning activity to.

  8. When you're satisfied and have fine tuned the batch tool to your liking click the Go button to start the batch processing.

  9. Great success! All the selected users should now be handled according to your liking!
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